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File: 1661662935819.png–(713.17KB, 1294x847, 2022-08-28 01_00_43-Window.png)
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Create train with passenger compartment
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1661662990985.png–(347.54KB, 1615x898, 2022-08-28 01_01_15-Window.png)

File: 1657417885629.png–(129.74KB, 694x368, Screen Shot 2022-07-08 at 4.07.11PM.png)
No.2  [Reply]
Niko is clearly a cat. He is with the cats, as you can see. He says he is a 'person' because he doesn't walk one 4 legs, and his 'eyes are normal in his world'. He even likes fish. He claims his hat "just looks like" cat ears. This is obviously a fabrication, those are his ears.

Niko is a Neko, there is no other explanation
¨ No.3  >>4
idk about that one chief. Looks like a dog to me.
¨ No.4
1657424257732.png–(248.90KB, 640x480, cg_dream3_2.png)

File: 1657400838484.jpg–(249.37KB, 957x1332, Resident_Evil_4_Remake-3724540434.jpg)
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Anyone saw the Resident Evil 4 remake trailer?

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