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Embed: Funny Batman solves another easy riddle (1966)–(YouTube)
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The top comment:
This whole scene is pure comedy genius.
> Batman carrying a letter opener in his utility belt.
> The carrier asking which one was Batman.
> Batman not knowing the answer to the oldest riddle of them all.
> The hilarious complexity of the final answer.
> The fact the final riddle directly contradicted the one before it.
> The Commissioner’s immediate agreement to provide four 100 pound bags of sodium dichloride.

Other comments:
> Batman didn't even put the Batphone back onto the Batreceiver and just let it fall onto the Batmobile's floor.

> Batman: Be careful. There may be a contaminating residue on the pedestal.
> Also Batman: casually opens a random letter given him by a potentially shady courier employed by a known villain

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